Forecast & Climate

Like most superior wine regions, Suisun Valley enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This means that we enjoy moderate temperatures, with mostly sunny, mild days. These consistently beautiful days begin by mid spring and continue into late fall. We’re located in close proximity to the San Francisco Bay Complex.

 These regions influence our climate, and are made up of the following areas:

  • Northeast of San Francisco Bay
  • Northeast of San Pablo Bay
  • North of the Carquinez Straight
  • Northwest of Suisun Bay and the Sacramento River delta

Our relationship to this complex provides late afternoon breezes, which sweep over the southwesterly mountain ranges of the Vaca Mountains. These mild winds cool Suisun Valley in the late afternoon, which lowers our day time temperatures and creates the best possible wine grapes, fruits and vegetables. Our days are warm, while our early mornings and evenings are cool.

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